Real Time SWBC Shortwave Broadcast Station Schedule

This is a work in progress, but perhaps useful for some. It's an online real time SWBC schedule, driven by the EIBI schedule database.

You can enter in various parameters (country, target, language, bands, etc.), and see a list of stations currently on the air. More useful for KiwiSDR users, you can also enter a list of KiwiSDRs (saved via cookies for your next visit) and links to those KiwiSDRs will appear next to each entry in the SWBC schedules results. So you can just click on a link to be taken to that KiwiSDR, and tuned in to the broadcast.

In addition to SWBC transmissions there are also some utility transmissions and other broadcasts. Unfortunately the EIBI database does not have mode (AM, USB, etc) information, so the schedule makes some guesses based on the frequency, which is occasionally wrong for out of band SWBC transmissions.
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