User automated sequencing through frequencies from roughly 3 MHz to 11 MHz?

I noticed a user connected to my Kiwi today (for 5 hours now) who appears to have an automated setup that is stepping through a set of frequencies at a rate of approximately 1 second per frequency. I am curious what operation they are using the Kiwi for. I have attempted to list the approximate frequencies in the list during multiple cycles, but the sequence seems to vary. The same frequencies show up during most cycles but not necessarily in the same order. The frequencies are roughly something like this: (KHz) 3336, 5752, 8144, 7418, 7701, 11556. Some are 0.5 KHz higher (e.g. 3336.50). Maybe most of the time, most of the frequencies have the 0.5 KHz offset, but it confusing to try to follow the sequences. I am pretty certain that the sequence is not identical for each cycle.

I do not look at my Kiwi very often and do not recall ever noticing a user doing something like this, so I am just curious about what it is being used for. The mode is USB.


Chuck, W5UXH


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    Hi Chuck,

    Seems this user is interested in monitoring Russian navy frequencies. There are many ways to scan thru a list. Does this user keep scanning all the time or does it halt sometimes which could indicate that he is using some type of squelch either opening upon exceeding a detected signal threshold or decoding a particular signal type.

    To do something similar without any programming you could run a Kiwi session in Catsync and interface that to CSVUserlistBrowser where you can retrieve or create a list of frequencies to scan. In this set-up there is no squelch.

    Another method is to create a Python script to sequence thru a list of frequencies using .
    Just quite recently added to jks Kiwiclient master repository at github is a script called which would allow to change frequencies and modes on the fly without having to disconnect and re-connect as was previously the case.
    Together with having access to the audio-stream this could be used for an interesting scanner with squelch and recording application.

    73, Ben
  • Thanks for the information Ben. Each time I looked yesterday it seemed to be a continuous scan, cycling through the list over and over. I just looked again and see it has been going for a bit over an hour this morning and still seems to be continuous. With my poor antenna, perhaps he/she never detects anything.

    73, Chuck
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