Next Kiwi URL redirect breaks Disable user connections [not a bug]

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I have two public Kiwis and each redirects to the other if its four slots are full.

However, this means that selecting 'No' against 'Enable user connections' puts the Kiwi into redirect mode rather than returning the 'Reason if disabled'. At the moment both my Kiwis are disconnected from the antenna because of an approaching lightning storm, but the message explaining this only appears if I remove the redirect.

Richard G4DYA


  • jksjks
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    Yes, this is by design. If you disable a Kiwi in a chain of Kiwis it doesn't stop the redirection and display the error. The goal is to always find an open channel. So the redirections continue to occur.

    There is a problem with your setup however: Redirecting two Kiwis at each other is a misconfiguration because you have created a cycle. Say they are both 4-channel Kiwis. If all 8 channels are busy, and you attempt to connect, your browser will loop round-and-round until it hits an internal redirect limit and reports an error. If Kiwi A redirects to B, but B's redirect field is empty, then the redirection will stop at B if all the channels are full and you'll get the usual "all channels full" message from B. The documentation talks about this but maybe I should also add some text to the admin interface.

    With a chain like this you can choose to publicly list Kiwi A or A and B depending on the situation. If B is at the same location as A (and same antenna etc.) and is merely used to increase the number of available channels it only makes sense to list Kiwi A. If A and B are at different locations, or have different antennas, then you might want to list B as well so its unique features are appear in the listings. But still preserve the redirect from A to B to handle the channel capacity issue.
  • Thanks John. At first the two Kiwis were on different antennas, but a lot of users seemed to pick the wrong one for what they were trying to listen to, so I diplexed the antennas into a distribution amplifier and feed the RXs from that. I've done as you suggest with the configuration.
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