Listen together with another user

Searched around, and did not find an answer to this. With lockdown and my buddies and I not near each other right now, I was wondering if there is a way to "Follow the leader" and automatically tune to the frequency that another listener is on. this would only be on the same KiwiSDR. It would allow a Listener Party! I know on the user view you can click on that users frequency, and that is what we do now. We always seem to get separated while exploring other screens or web browsing for info on what we are listening to.
Just wondering if I missed something that was already a feature.


  • Hi Tom,
    Quite interesting idea to have a "follow" feature, would probably need the users permission (or a pop up "user x wants to follow") or it gets a bit creepy.
    Yeah, "stalker mode enabled...".

    I've seen people on my SDR and wondered what they were looking for.
  • I think a checkbox on the users tab would work nicely. Perhaps an Admin page setting that lets you follow any user. You could put a disclaimer in the welcome message on your SDR landing page. Anyone can manually follow a user current;y by clicking on that user's freq now. This is not that much of a stretch from that. Years ago, there was a university SDR that let you follow another user when their slots were full. Was really cool when you get someone who really knew their way around say the Utility frequencies.
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