cant log in to kiwi sdr

on Sunday evening the kiwi sdr was ok.
Since Monday morning 13 -7- 2020, we can no longer address the kiwi sdr.
The admin panel is also not approachable.
we sometimes get a message that we are using a browser with the wrong java script.
after several attempts we flashed the kiwi, but no access yet.
someone an idea what is wrong.


  • The "wrong java script" error message is a symptom of your browser cache being out of date when the Kiwi software version is being changed by an update or re-flash. It can be cured by flushing the cache with a shift-click of the browser reload button or cache clear in the browser preferences.

    After a re-flash there is really no reason you shouldn't be able to contact your Kiwi with your browser unless you have browser or network configuration problems. What happens when you use any of the half dozen methods listed in the instructions to obtain the Kiwi's ip address? Does the Kiwi ip respond to a network ping command? What appears when you use ""? Can you ssh or PuTTY directly to the Kiwi?

    Do you use DHCP from your router to assign the Kiwi its ip address or have you assigned a fixed ip address to the Kiwi?
  • we used a password with # at the beginning, that was the problem.
    now use a different password and it works again

    ps: is it possible to place an analog S meter instead of a digital one.?
  • this seems analog (?)
  • I have no problem here using an admin password beginning with '#'.
  • with a analog meter i mean one like this
  • it was the password for the public users to log in de kiwi receiver,
  • jksjks
    edited July 2020
    I didn't find a problem with user passwords beginning with '#' either.

    I did find an issue when the user password panel sits idle on the screen for too long without any password being entered. The 20 second timeout that catches Internet bots hanging Kiwi slots by making incomplete API connections was being incorrectly triggered for idle password panels. There is a separate 60 second timeout for this purpose. I added a message when this timeout occurs rather than just leaving the panel unresponsive. This change will appear in the next release.
  • thanks for the info, jks nice to have a back up forum like this.
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