Squelch for ssb


I am from Brazil ,my websdr is http://py4aaz.homeip.net:8073/

i need squelch on my openwebrx for ssb.this is possible.



  • jksjks
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    Hi Rick. This feature has been requested for some time. The existing squelch algorithm is specific to NBFM where it is possible to maintain a measure of the noise level outside of the voice frequency range due to how the passband and detector work in NBFM mode. The other detectors (i.e. SSB) don't work this way, so this particular squelch algorithm won't work.
  • The better HF squelches use a syllabic technique but even that can fall victim to QSB. With the advent of Digital Voice, less non-hobby HF users need squelch as that is taken care of with the Vocoder.
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    Syllabic squelch = VAD WebRTC seems to have some promise

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