Entering Double vs. Single Quotes in HTML code in the Admin Interface Text Fields will Lock Editing

When entering HTML code into the text fields of the Admin Interface, entry of a double quote (") instead of a single quote (') will cause the entered text to truncate at the double quote and render that field impossible to edit.
To remedy this problem I found it necessary to use a text editor to remove the double quote characters from the affected field entry in the "kiwi.json" file in the Beagle's kiwi.config directory.
If you are comfortable with a Linux text editor, open a terminal and type:
  1. ssh root@(ip address of your Kiwi) (log into the Beagle as a root user)
  2. (Enter the root password at the prompt)
  3. cdp (moves to the Beagle_SDR_GPS directory)
  4. kd (shuts down the SDR)
  5. cd ~/kiwi.config (moves to the kiwi.config directory)
  6. (Use nano or your other preferred text editor to carefully edit the offending double quote characters out of the affected field text in the "kiwi.json" file and save it)
  7. cdp (returns to the Beagle_SDR_GPS directory)
  8. ku (restarts the SDR)
  9. exit
You will then be able to edit the respective fields via the Admin Interface.


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