Forum spam - some things to note

I've managed some online forums over the past decade, and found that forum spam is a right pain in the rear end to deal with. Once a forum gets recognised as somewhere that a spammer can post and the posts get read, the volume of incoming spam posts tends to rise fairly quickly.

As forum users, if you see an obviously spam post, don't click in to it. Some of the spammers put images inline to verify that the posts get read, and the spammer then knows they can afford to put more resources into that forum.

We'll just have to wait for an admin on the forum to remove the user that has put up the spam posts earlier today.

Safer for the rest of us to just ignore if we can.


  • I eliminated forum spam at the website by adding two questions to the new user registration process: What is the two letter abbreviation for morse code and Type in the three words for the abbreviation LSB. That seems to have stumped the spammers :)
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  • This forum started in 2014 with ValentF(x)'s LOGI products and has had comparatively little spam over the years IMHO. I get to it as soon as I can but you have to remember I am 12 hours out of phase with Europe and to a lesser extent the rest of the world.
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