KiWi SDR compatibility and instructions for working with BeagleBone Green Wireless

If anyone have tested and share their feedback working with Beaglebone Green Wireless

Thank you in an advance


  • jksjks
    edited May 2020
    Do not attempt to use a BBG-W. The first thing you'll note is that a Kiwi board cannot even plug into the BBG-W due to the placement of the double-high USB connector stack. The BBG-W violates the BBB cape physical spec.

    The BBB-W is a possibility (note: BeagleBone Black, not BeagleBone Green). However there is an old topic on here someplace that points out there are possibly software issues with that. I think for a time the BBB-W used a separate distro/kernel. That's probably no longer the case, but there is no guarantee the Kiwi software would work.
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