Cannot Update - Build error [fixed, Debian package system problem]

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it seems that in last months my KiwiSDR (seldom used, I confess) has not updated since a while.
In the Admin page I now see that my version is v1.334, built in october/1, 2019; the new v1.390 is available.
I have tried in last days to do manually an update, from the Admin page / Update /Check Now, and then: Force software build>Build now.
Unfortunately, every time I try the process seems to stop: in facts in the Admin page, Log, I can see this activity log:

Wed May 6 08:12:07 00:09:10.623 ... UPDATE: force update check by admin
Wed May 6 08:12:07 00:09:10.627 ... UPDATE: checking for updates
Wed May 6 08:12:08 00:09:11.652 ... UPDATE: version changed (current 1.334, new 1.390), but check only
Wed May 6 08:12:08 00:09:11.655 ... task update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning
Wed May 6 08:12:20 00:09:23.186 ... UPDATE: force build by admin
Wed May 6 08:12:20 00:09:23.189 ... UPDATE: checking for updates
Wed May 6 08:12:21 00:09:24.214 ... UPDATE: version changed (forced), current 1.334, new 1.390
Wed May 6 08:12:21 00:09:24.217 ... UPDATE: building new version..
Wed May 6 08:12:21 00:09:24.219 ... rx_server_user_kick rx=-1
Wed May 6 08:12:26 00:09:29.241 ... LRUN update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) (1000.000 msec) TaskSleep 5027.616
Wed May 6 08:13:30 00:10:33.107 ... UPDATE: build error, no Internet access? status=0x00000200 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=2
Wed May 6 08:13:30 00:10:33.110 ... task update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning

I see that there has been an apparently similar discussion, but quite honestly I couldn't get if the problem is actually different.
Can you help me please?
Thanks in advance!


  • It's easiest if you let us login to your Kiwi and fix it manually. And if your Kiwi is not already accessible from the Internet the easiest way to do that is by emailing We will then email you an API key so you can temporarily put your Kiwi on the proxy service.
  • Very kind of you! However, in the meanwhile I managed to solve the problem:
    I have made the root login with SSH and given the commands suggested in other threads, namely:

    the latter command, among other activity log, gave the following error message:
    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.

    therefore I have given the indicated command, and then again the pkup.
    After the reboot the KiwiSDR automatically started its regular Kiwi update (lasting nearly one hour), and now it is successfully updated to v1.390.
    Thanks again!
  • Yes, around this version there were build problems associated with the Debian package system. Sometimes, as in your case, the damage to the package system was relatively minor but required manual intervention to resolve.

    Apologies for the inconvenience, but I'm glad you figured it out!
  • I have same problem as Bruno. Is this the official way of getting back up to date? Also I have lost the map graphic on the GPS admin page. Any suggestions?

    Ian (g0wzm)
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