New Beaglebone - KiwiSDR not visible after reboot (Solved)

Until some time ago, my "ArcticSDR" was working ok. I then performed a Beagle reboot, after which the Kiwi never came online again. I cut power twice, with no results. I had a spare beaglebone after a failure a year ago with the same Kiwi, so I installed it and ran the original SD card. When all LEDs dark, I removed the SD card and attached power again. After some time, the LEDs show off a double-blink on the "edge" side of the board, and it seems to be stuck in that position. Not visible with the auto-discovery scanner, or via ping. Power is good, 5.2V. I vaguely remember from earlier discussions that a double blink is not a good sign. The other Kiwi I have connected have no problems with reboot or power.


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  • Double-blink (on the "outer" LED) is a good sign: it means Debian Linux is running. You don't see it when the Kiwi software is running because the Kiwi takes over all the LEDs and runs its own pattern as described in the online docs.

    Is there a Kiwi board present in this situation of continuous double-blink? The Kiwi software won't start and hence won't show its pattern if there is no Kiwi board installed. So If there is a Kiwi board, and you're getting nothing but double-blink, then something is not right. It would be very helpful at this point to ssh/PuTTY in as root, "cdp", then "ms" and see what the Kiwi software startup has to say.

    Remember that if you re-flash with the original sd card, which restores the Kiwi software to version v1.2 (as opposed to a backup sd card which might be a much more recent version), it will take an hour before the Kiwi is responsive to user connections. A Ping should work during that hour long update process. The others as well although I can't guarantee it without trying it.
  • Yes, I believe I waited well beyond an hour, but anyway, it got back with 1.390 but of course with a different IP address, so that explains the ping bit. But the scan should have detected it. I got really worried after having set up everything and all was running well, I placed the metal lid on top of the kiwi being careful not to touch any metal - and it went offline! Luckily it was a reboot and not another Beaglebone disaster.... so hapy daze for the moment ;-)
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