strange error with wrong WSPR configuration [fixed in v1.390]

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Hi, there is a major effect on the kiwisdr status output, if a space is on first place in the "Reporter grid square" field in the admin interface at WSPR (for example " JN88de" instead of "JN88de").
This error happened to me and I searched a long for the cause.

Without space on first place:

with space on first place:

Lines are missing in Admin Interface for Status


  • jksjks
    edited April 2020
    Yeah, so this is simply a case where I have forgotten to URI-encode the WSPR grid string. The space at the beginning, which is represented as "%20", causes a sprintf() in the C code to generate bad JSON which is passed along to the client (Kiwi browser Javascript). You can always see these kind of problems by bringing up the Javascript console in whatever browser you're using:
    Javascript/Web #console:
    	Windows/Linux	Mac
    Firefox	ctrl-shift-K	cmd-alt-K
    Chrome	ctrl-shift-J	cmd-alt-J
    Safari	ctrl-shift-C	cmd-alt-C
    Opera	ctrl-shift-I	cmd-alt-I
    This has been fixed for the next release.
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