Request for simple feature: tuning lock [fixed in v1.388]

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I am forever accidentally changing the tuning on my KiwiSDRs when all I want is to slide the spectral display around to look at nearby signals. I don't see a "Tuning Lock" button on the UI but it would certainly be wonderful to have!


  • jksjks
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    Hi Phil,

    Is this on a mobile device where touch vs touch-drag is the issue? Or with a mouse click vs click-drag? This happens to me too because my hands are not quite as steady as they once were.

    This request has been made before. My problem is the question of where in the UI to put such a feature (like a little lock icon or something). The user control panel is already pretty full and I'm really resisting making it any larger because that hurts small-screen users (both desktop and mobile).

    One solution is to add it to the right-click popup menu available on desktop and then also (finally) support that popup menu on mobile via a two-finger touch gesture. I have this sort of working now on iPhone and I assume it can also be made to work on Android. On a small-screen mobile device it's much easier to choose an option from a larger popup menu than some tiny icon someplace. Although having an indicator icon always visible to remind you tuning is locked is essential to prevent (reduce) confusion. Maybe when you single-tap on the waterfall/scale while locked I could display a large, transparent lock overlay image for a moment. Kind of like how the "Tap to start OpenWebRX" play overlay image does now. That might be nice.
  • Fixed in v1.388
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    Wow, that was fast! Unfortunately I'm on a Mac where it's difficult or impossible to use the right menu, but that's my problem. I need to figure it out anyway. But thanks!
  • jksjks
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    On my Mac laptop I enable the trackpad "secondary click -- click or tap with two fingers" to simulate a mouse right-click.
    I think on Mac desktop you can setup control-click or shift-click as the secondary click for one button Mac mice (not 100% sure about that).
  • Ah, so that's how you do it! I had it enabled and didn't know it. D'oh!
  • jksjks
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    Funny story about that. I took my old Mac laptop to the Apple store for a battery change. And while there remarked that I probably needed a new trackpad since sometimes when I single-tapped the double-tap action occurred. The "Apple genius" smiled and showed me about the "secondary-click by single-tapping in the trackpad lower right corner" option. Sure enough, I had loaned my laptop to my son and he had changed the setting. :/
  • What confused me is that I'd thought you do a right/secondary click by holding down the control key and doing an ordinary click. This seemed to work for most things, but not your program. Now I can calibrate frequency on the KiwiSDRs I run that don't have GPS antennas!
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