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My unit does not seem to be powering up

I purchased by unit through Amazon, the title of it being "seeed studio KiwiSDR Kit Software Defined Radio with BeagleBone Green". Since it did not come with a power supply, I did a search on Amazon for one using the search for "Voltage: +5V DC, 2.1mm jack, center pin positive", I selected what came up, but apparently what I got was a 9v one. I did not notice this until I had plugged it in. Thinking the power supply was not working, I checked to see if it was supplying any voltage. It was, but at 9v, not 5v. I'm hoping that I have not damaged the unit and that getting a power supply that supplies the correct voltage will allow it to power up. BTW, does anyone know if Amazon sells a 5v power supply?


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