DX Label permission anomaly [fixed in v1.376]

edited January 2020 in Problems Now Fixed
I am new to Kiwi so perhaps this me...

If I open a window with the /prot url i cannot edit DX labels. Typing the admin password in the dialog box, it is rejected, as if a bad password. Putting in the user password, it is accepted - except label changes are not saved. All works OK if I do not use the /prot url.


  • are you the ower or otherwise have access on a local network?
  • i am the owner; am maintaining it remotely, so no local network access
  • Although this looks really bad (a panel requesting the admin password that is instead accepting the user password) it's really just a simple bug with no security consequences. That's why the DX label changes don't stick.

    Will be fixed in the next release..
  • Thanks, jks
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