Update from v1.364 to v1.369 not working [fixed, unknown cause]

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Hi Forum

my KIWI is currently running v1.364. The update on v1.369 runs some time, then my KIWI is back online but still on v1.364.

Any hints whats going wrong?



  • I am only guessing, but I bet it's a browswer cache thing. I have 2 units running v1.369 and don't see that
  • Good hint but even after cache clean it says 1.364 ...

    Where can I check the update result? Logfile?
  • The log would be a good start.
    There might not be enough space for the download or some corrupted update files but the log should report how far it gets.

    I'll search for a previous thread, pretty sure reclaiming space or forcing a complete clean download (of the update only) relate to this.
  • I can't connect to your Kiwi (as admin) to see what's wrong. Have you restricted access as mentioned here? http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html#id-opt-dot

    If so, can you remove those restrictions temporarily so I can have a look?
  • After checking a few things I ran the build manually. It resumed compiling files in the middle of the expected sequence. Like it had gotten stuck or interrupted previously. The build took a long time because v1.364 did not yet cache DRM compiles.

    So I don't know what went wrong. Seems to be fine now.

    Even with the majority of the DRM compiles cached these recent updates take a bit longer than before. Please be patient (although if it's been more than an hour something is wrong). Also, if your Kiwi knows its timezone then updates will now occur in the window 1AM - 6AM local time instead of UTC as before.
  • Tnx lets see how the 1.370 update runs ...
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