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Can't build new KiwiSDR versions [corrupt Linux package system files]

edited December 2019 in Problems Now Fixed
Okay, I don't know what's going on but everything was fine with updates to v1.359. Then when I tried to manually build to the next ones, I started getting this in the log file

UPDATE: force build by admin
Sat Dec 28 14:48:48 00:39:29.502 ........ UPDATE: checking for updates
Sat Dec 28 14:48:49 00:39:30.537 ........ UPDATE: version changed (forced), current 1.359, new 1.363
Sat Dec 28 14:48:49 00:39:30.539 ........ UPDATE: building new version..
Sat Dec 28 14:48:49 00:39:30.542 ........ rx_server_user_kick rx=-1
Sat Dec 28 14:48:54 00:39:35.569 ........ LRUN update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) (1000.000 msec) TaskSleep 5032.569
Sat Dec 28 14:49:40 00:40:20.949 ........ [00] ADMIN connection closed
Sat Dec 28 14:50:36 00:41:16.710 ........ UPDATE: build error, no Internet access? status=0x00000200 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=2
Sat Dec 28 14:50:36 00:41:16.711 ........ task update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning
Sat Dec 28 14:56:59 00:47:39.703 ........ [00] PWD isLocal_if_ip: flg=0x18 fam=2 socktype=1 proto=6 addrlen=16
Sat Dec 28 14:56:59 00:47:39.703 ........ [00] PWD isLocal_if_ip: TRUE IPv4/4_6 remote_ip ip_client ip_server[IPv4] nm /24 0xffffff00
Sat Dec 28 14:56:59 00:47:39.706 ........ [00] PWD admin config pwd set FALSE, auto-login TRUE
Sat Dec 28 14:56:59 00:47:39.709 ........ [00] PWD admin ALLOWED: no config pwd set, but is_local
Sat Dec 28 14:56:59 00:47:39.709 ........ [00] PWD admin admin ALLOWED: from

I have internet. I have no issues with other software. Not being a Linux guru, I have no idea what to do. Like I say no problems with manually building updates to 1.359. I can see that the update is there and ready to go but it just seems to be having some kind of error and perhaps it's with the Beagle itself? Tried turning off the firewall. Rebooting router, computer, KiwiSDR, etc. There answer must like in log file but "no Internet access?" has me perplexed because my KiwiSDR is showing okay on the and works fine with web broswer access. I even tried restoring my old backup version 1.289 to see if that would force the build to 1.363 but no and now I'm stuck at v1.289. Usually whenever I had a build issue, going back to an older version and then rebuilding worked. Now I seem to be FUBAR'd really good!

Anyway, I don't use social media and rarely post to forums and I haven't had the time to read through thousands of posts to see if this issue has already been, my appologies.

Reply direct to KISS please. I'm not a Linux user so I have to be able to fix this using the web browser access.

Happy New Year 2020 (wow!)



  • the > 1.360 builds take 30+ minutes
  • Fixed.

    The Linux package system files on this Kiwi were completely corrupt. Had nothing to do with the latest update. Except that the latest update depends on the package system working. Earlier updates typically don't because they don't need to install any new packages usually.
  • Nothing is fixed at my end. I still can't upgraded to latest version. I just came home and my KiwiSDR was totally bricked and was offline and I to reinstall the old 1.289 backup that I had top get it back on line. Should have make a later backup I guess. Everything was working fine until I tried to update from 1.359. So what exactly does jks mean by "fixed". It's still borken at this end.


  • I spent TWO HOURS this morning fixing your Kiwi. It was updated to v1.363 and working PERFECTLY. And now you've gone and DESTROYED EVERYTHING.

    You can use your factory sd card to restore your Kiwi to original condition and start all over again. I'm done.
  • Sorry, but I didn't know that you had "fixed" it because you never asked me for permission to do so in the first place. That would have been the correct and polite thing to do, IMHO.

    Anyway, it was offline when I came home, and not working perfectly because it wouldn't reconnect to my LAN and I couldn't access it via my Google Browser no matter how many reboots I tried so I just restored my older previous backup. I only read your form post and email later.

    I don't have the original factory card so I guess that's that.

    Thanks anyway.

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