FAX - CHA Canada 4414KHz

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New FAX frequency for me last night that doesn't seem to be listed.


It's Sydney (VCO) Canada and it's in the FAX Extension list I just missed it.

Fax schedule:
1121 UTC 4416 kHz Ice analysis - Gulf of St Lawrence
1142 UTC 4416 kHz Ice Analysis East or SouthEast Newfoundlandwaters
1741 UTC 4416 kHz Ice analysis - Iceberg limit
2200 UTC 6915 kHz Ice analysis - Gulf of St. Lawrence
2331 UTC 6915 kHz Ice analysis East or SouthEast Newfoundlandwaters

Showing an ice chart for area around the Gulf of St Lawrence

Plus another odd one logged back in November, that I can't remember if I mentioned before.

GYA, 120Line Surface Prognosis chart 8083KHz USB FAX - TDoA possibly Inskip UK


Martin - G8JNJ
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