Suggestion, a change to the auto scaling in waterfall, to add 5 to the min result

Whenever I change spectrum range, I have a habit of using the "shift+S" key combination to get a useful range on the spectrum. However, I find that the low end of the spectrum as decided by the auto scaling tends to be about 5 db too "bright" and I use the "shift+W" key combination x5 to bring up the WF Min parameter, which darkens the bottom end of the scale for me. It's pretty consistent fpr me to do this to get enough contrast for the lower SNR signals to be seen on the waterfall.

Maybe just to have a parameter in the admin page that would add or subtract a fixed value to the auto-scale result for each running of that, as I know that different people will have different opinions on the "proper" look of their waterfall.

This is definitely not a critical thing at all, purely aesthetic.


  • I think many of us find the low end not dark enough and routinely adjust it to dark blue. jks has mentioned this too, I think.
  • I also find the default too bright and being able to set an offset to the auto scale value would be useful.

    I'm also still using /?sqrt=2 value added to the url, as the option is not available in the colour map dropdown.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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