WSPR when down converter declared [fixed in v1.347]

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Hello all
Comment acc?der ? l'extension WSPR quand le kiwi est d?clar? avec un down converter l'option 2m n'est pas disponible sur la liste d?roulante, or il me semble qu'au d?but cette option ?tait visible
Ren? F6BIR


  • Hello all,
    How to access to the extension WSPR when the kiwi is declared with a down converter, the option 2m is not available on the drop-down list, but it seems to me that at the beginning this option was visible
    thank you
  • jksjks
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    Fixed in today's v1.347 release.

    The extension "band" menu will now show the frequency presets available based on any transverter/downconverter offset ("frequency scale offset" parameter of the config tab on admin page). So you'll see either all the HF presets or one of: 6m, 4m, 2m, 440, 1296. Or the band menu will be empty if you're down converting a non ham band frequency range like airband or something. The admin autorun menus will show all the possibilities and only autoruns for those bands that are possible will be started. You can specify "2m" etc. as a URL parameter e.g. "ext=wspr,2m"
  • Ok thank you
    73 Ren?
  • Hello
    Can we imagine switching from HF mode to converter mode simply by changing the antenna
    73' Ren? f6bir
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