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Online status

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My BBB AI based system is now online. It is in place of my former 3 ch box on the public port, see

At some point, I'll move all my wspr stuff to that one system.

Other 14ch owners, please post your status here, even if not online


  • step 2, complete
  • Looks nice Jim, and good results too. I've got on online but currently set for 4 standard receivers. I get it to 14 but the temp rises over 54C and I back off. I'm using the fans that is recommended by the folks, but they don't cut it. I'm waiting on heatsinks and then I think I'll use a fan I salvaged from an Intellistation. That fan was cooling a xeon processor. LOL, so the whole thing will wind up in a pipe with that fan blowing in one end.

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    I'll post something when I've had a chance to make a case or physically move on from where I am now (on which I've spammed the forum already).

    Not sure who they are kidding if they think a one inch fan will be enough.
    I could be wrong but I have a hunch these things make a bit more heat than is directly related to the performance, can't put my finger on it (literally, sometimes) just a hunch like they are going to say "ports U-Z were over current".

    I've dropped mine back to 1GHz and it seems to run fine at 14 CH ~38C (I'm still on 1.335)
  • I didn't add any heatsinks, just blowing 42 cfm through the "tunnel"
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