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Can't access admin page [solved]

edited November 2019 in BeagleBone AI
I have it running, can access user webpage but adding /admin to URL, it just stalls


  • Anything interesting in the browser console? Then try the usual: shift-reload, cache flush, different browser, kiwi restart..
  • OK, a little fiddling with reloads etc. and it is OK
  • edited November 2019
    It happened again and in fiddling I found myself in the Cloud9 webpage. OS and shell running fine BTW
  • I disabled the Cloud9 stuff and all is better

    sudo systemctl stop cloud9.service || true
    sudo systemctl stop cloud9.socket || true
  • Are you running your Kiwi on port 80 versus the default 8073?
  • edited November 2019
    No. Cloud9 was on 80 until I killed it.
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