External router ports suddenly no longer open [fixed by waiting for router tables to clear?]

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I have a Kiwi and use a Raspberry Pi 3+ to enable external wspr decoding. All was working well with outside users able to access two of the eight receivers. I moved JUST the RP to a port on my none managed network switch from a a port on the wired lan in a different room. Now the external router ports show as not open when tested from the admin page. I have rebooted the Beaglebone and the KiwiSDR but the problem persists. I link to the current network page screenshot from the Kiwi admin page. I have a fixed IP address. Could someone in the simplest terms advise as to what I should do to make the ports open again please? I enabled port access in my Windows 7 firewall for inbound and outbound on port 8073, and as I mentioned, it worked fine before. Many thanks for any replies.

EDIT, just found this message when trying to confirm auto add of NAT on firewall / router???



  • Hi Basil,

    I'm not a network Guru, so I'm sure others will pop up to help.

    Looking at the screen grabs there seems to be a conflict of IP addresses. seems to have been set manually in the KiWi, but for some reason your router is seeing as the local address.

    It may be something to do with old routing tables somewhere not getting flushed after you had changed the KiWi connection over.

    As a quick test try manually setting your KiWi to so that it matches what the router thinks it's seeing.

    Alternatively log into your router and see what registered IP address the KiWi has got in the table.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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    Thanks Martin. I decided to click again on auto add NAT and reboot the Kiwi again. This time it came up with a message that it had now added NAT to the router settings and the ports are once again open! Not sure why this changed, but hey, with networking I am not sure why much of it happens... So touch wood, all good again :) You may well be totally correct about the addresses, but I am loathe to fiddle now it's working again.
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