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Should I have wsprdaemon.conf in both the root of the wsprdaemon directory and in the /tools directory? Because I do have! I am having an issue where I have six wspr monitoring receievers but overnight RX0 or RX1 starts to run a duplicate of one band. Neither wsprdaemon.conf file shows more than six bands entered (both appear identical). Sorry for the newbie question and thanks for any replies. 2E0ILY


  • Hi Basil,
    Not sure about should but I have just the one, in the username/wsprdaemon/ directory.
    I'm running it on a VM so not 100% sure about the default PI full path.

  • Thank you, renaming the "extra" one in /tools seems to have fixed this anomaly, many thanks for the reply. If it behaves for a couple of days I'll just delete it.
  • There may be one more, /tmp/wsprdaemon.conf, that is created by the program. I think it has to do with schedule updates and probably should be left alone.
  • I am back at work on WD and one of the changes is to better hide it's tmp files.
    Only the WD.conf in the WD.sh directory should be edited by the user.
    Also, it is best to stop WD before making edits to WD.conf. i,e: WD -z; vi WD.conf; WD -a
  • OK, just seen these last 2 posts, thanks very much. Rather than start a pretty closely associated new thread I'll try adding my question here. I would like to be able to modify settings in the WDconf file remotely, with no local screen or keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi 3+ via a hard wired local ethernet. Is this easy to configure please? Then I can tuck the RP away on the network somewhere. Thanks.
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    I find the easiest way (from Windows) is WinSCP then edit the file from there, you'll have to enable SSH then connect in via the network.
    I know Rob says to stop and start the service while editing but what doe he know he's just the guy who wrote it...
    Editing here and saving without stopping (using either internal WinSCP editor or my preferred Notepad++) sees the result pop up a minute or two later.
    No issues with doing that here but once in every twenty changes I might have to kick a RX instance that has grabbed a "full" channel rather than a no waterfall one.

    Alternatively if you prefer a desktop/gui enable VNC on the PI and then use RealVNC viewer, you might have to force the resolution if no monitor is attached..

    Actually thinking about it probably better to stop the service edit and restart, I have seen some weird false decodes reported from here and never tied the two together.
  • I would VNC to the Pi and edit control WD from that session.
    Changing the conf of a running WD session will work most of the time. But if your changes remove a running RECEIVER, then WD will no longer know how to shut it down.
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