Admin page log [why don't the WSPR decode messages appear in the system log, fixed in v1.334]

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Where is the "history log" from admin tab
Thank you
Rene F6BIR


  • History log? Do you mean the log of messages from the Kiwi server? They should be on the "log" tab of the admin page. These are only for the current run of the server. To see past server messages you have to look at the Linux system log for Kiwi log entries. The easiest way to do that is to get a Linux shell connection and use the commands "cdp" to get to the right directory and then "ml" or "msl" do dump the log.

    Do you mean the software CHANGE_LOG file? That is located in the source code. Which means on the Kiwi itself it is in the directory /root/Beagle_SDR_GPS/. An easier place to find it is on the github source code repository:

    If you mean the
  • Hello JKS,
    Thank you for answer, in the log ml ms mu do not appear the WSPR decoded stations as in the admin current log.
    I can see them on WSPRNET web site, but I would like start an autorun wspr without web connection for a while and to have a local log of decoded stations to evaluate various antennas using crontab and ant_switch extension
    Is it possible with the actual version or do you have a good idea to do that
    Sorry for the google translate
  • jksjks
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    There are two types of messages shown on the "log" tab of the admin page. Messages containing "L" are also logged to the Linux system log that is kept on the filesystem and is shown when you use the ml or msl commands. Like this:
    Thu Sep 26 11:08:08 00:00:10.994 ....      L registration: WORKED
    Messages without the "L" are not saved in the Linux log, mostly because they are for debugging or more frequent and would tend to fill up the filesystem eventually.

    Currently the decode messages from the WSPR extension are not "L" messages for this reason. And that is why you don't find them in the system log. However, this could be made an option on the WSPR section of the extensions tab.
  • thank you all well understood
  • I have this working now already. It will be in the next release in a day or two.
  • Please ignore the "L" stuff mentioned above. I forgot it's only present when you run the Kiwi server in "foreground" debug mode. You won't see it when looking at the admin log or syslog when the usual background server is running. But the result is the same: the admin log tab shows a mix of messages, some of which won't be logged to the syslog.

    v1.334 has a new switch on the WSPR entry of the admin "extensions" tab that allows decodes from WSPR auto-run tasks and use of the WSPR extension to be logged to the syslog. The effect is immediate. No restart is required.
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