Output of TDoA results in KML or similar?

I need to easily take the results of the hyperbole bands from the TDoA results and insert them into a GIS system. Ideally, they would be in an ESRI Shapefile format but a Google KML or KMZ would work, too. I cannot seem to find anything by searching the Forum or the docs (perhaps I've missed something). Any insight on this? There is a kmlwrite command (and a couple more for lines or points) in Octave itself.



  • Christoph is on holday IIRC. He could answer...
  • Hi @k4fmh

    Sounds interesting and certainly can be done (but note that it will also need changes to the web UI -> @jks ).

    Would you be able to share more information about your use case, if not here then by PM (hcab14 AT gmail.com)?
  • Hi,

    Sorry for being tardy in getting back on this board. My use case is to export the TDoA results in KML (ultimately ESRI Shapefile) and import in my GIS system. These high probability zones from the TDoA will be used as a base layer with potential sources of the identified signal on top of them. This must be a somewhat common need by users once they begin to use the TDoA resuilts, no?


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