Kiwi WebSDR kind of stuck at 1.289 - update found... nothing happens... [apt problems, manual fix]

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In the LOG:

UPDATE: force update check by admin
Sun Jul 28 23:03:26 21:17:39.453 0... UPDATE: checking for updates
Sun Jul 28 23:03:27 21:17:40.479 0... UPDATE: version changed (current 1.289, new 1.309), but check only

I have it set for automatic update in Admin -- (and there is no "Update now" tab in admin...)
Is there something that I am not doing?

Many thanks -
(Currently listed on SDR.HU as "VA7WWV"


  • shows you as current (1.309), it almost works so refresh the admin browser page (F5) and try to restart the server (or complete Beaglebone) from the control tab.
    If that does not work try SSH into the Kiwi and "ku" from there (see reference below).

    Or from SSH, reboot and see what happens from a fresh boot.

    Controlling the server from a Beagle root login
  • looking at VA7WWV as a user, all seems normal. You even have the all too typical spurious at the high end which can be usually reduced.
  • I fixed the build manually.
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