Anyone using the DX Engineering RF-PRO-1B Active Mag Loop Antenna?

It seems that when using this antenna, local BCB stations overload and cause distortion on all freqs and the waterfall is a mess. Currently, the antenna is ground mounted on a 10 foot roof tower. Rotating around makes little difference.
I have listeners worldwide that listen to El Paso BCB. Things are much better when using a ground mounted vertical 40-10M Hustler (less gain I suppose).

I would be interested in hearing other user's comments.

73, Rick W5PIE


  • You need to filter the bigger AM stations. I have same antenna and issues. Fixed with notches
  • Hi Jim, thx for the reply. My strong station is on 600khz. Any idea where to purchase a notch filter for it. I am using a high pass filter now, down to 1600Khz, but I have users that like to listen to other BCB stations, mainly Spanish. Thanks again, Rick W5PIE, El Paso.
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    look at, it has 3 notches in the MWBC band as I have local TX just about 1.5 miles away. rest of band is usable
  • The splash image on has a schematic of a MW band stop that surpresses MW BCB by about 20 dB and allows for one additional notch elsewhere. This may protect a Kiwi from OV while still allowing only slightly reduced access to stations in MW and good access elsewhere. It can be fabricated from inexpensive SMD components.
  • Thx Glenn and Jim. Info appreciated! 73 de Rick W5PIE
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