Denoiser and Autonotch tick boxes not working on main audio control panel [fixed in v1.278]

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Hi John,

I found a possible bug when trying to use the Denoiser and Autonotch tick boxes in the main audio control panel.

Using those tick boxes doesn't do anything, I have to open the 'LMS filter controls panel' using the 'more' button and then use the tick boxes in the LMS panel. Once the panel has been used the tick boxes on the main audio panel will work OK until the browser is refreshed or restarted.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • Good catch. This is a consequence of how the extension code is now loaded only on demand when selected from the extension menu or via the ext= URL parameter. The same needs to occur from the denoiser/autonotch buttons in the audio tab.
  • Hi John,

    Thanks for fixing it.

    I only accidentally noticed it when I realised that the auto notch was no longer removing a strong carrier.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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