On-Line frequency database

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Copied from UDXF@groups.io

"You may or may not be aware that the ITU monitoring stations publish their
listening logs on their public website:


This page describes the purpose of the monitoring activity as well as
allowing you to download the logs as Excel spreadsheets; there's also a
search tool so you can search for logs by frequency and date.

The spreadsheets often include DF bearings with an accuracy indication and
signal strength as well as time, frequency, mode, comments etc.

They often mention the kind of things we like listening to!"

I've previously taken a look at the ITU loggings but they always tended to be a bit of a pin to trawl through.

However the new database search tool is very good. Especially if you are careful about what search parameters you set. You can then click on a individual log entry for even more detail.

It would be even better if you could download the searched results, but maybe someone will get around to writing a scraper tool :-)


Martin - G8JNJ
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