Allow entering the time limit exemption password in URL before time-out [fixed in v1.268]

edited February 2019 in Problems Now Fixed
It would come handy that you can set the time exemption password beforehand (if you have one), before the time-out takes place, so that the session would continue uninterrupted.

Such cases are, for instance, when you will need to record some conversation for a longer period of time using a KiwiSDR where the time-out is set really tightly. If the time-out takes place while recording, then your recording will be lost. Also, you cannot really see when your time will be up...


  • Just an idea: maybe the time exemption password could be given as a URL parameter?
  • A very good idea. I didn't see this comment before the release I just sent out (v1.267) that now displays the lesser of both timeout values (inactivity and 24hr connect limit). So maybe I can do this for the next release (it should be easy).
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