power off after getting an IP [don't install sd card for normal operation]

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hello all

getting my Kiwi today. Powered up with 5V / 3A
3min after that - Power down.
on wireshark is the DHCP giving an IP Apresse and with the answer of the from the KIWI it is powered down ?

Power from PSU is
5,14V - Kiwi Off
5,09 - Kiwi on

USB Serial "not running" .

any idea ?
vy 73 de Carsten


  • Power is 5.09V
    usb serial "also" not running
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    First question (prompted from the last forum thread)
    is the SD card in the slot? if so take it out (while the lights are out)

    If the card is not in the slot give it a good long time to update the software then look again.
    The first time it powers up it has to go from base install to current, build takes a good few minutes.
  • update can take 5 minutes +
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    Yes SD card in inside the slot.

    Without card the SD slot ... left blue LED is blinling 2 times with 1 sec break

    Firsttime power up - power was down after ACK the DHCP Releace.

    Formated the SD card with last images again.
    Same issus, power off after ACK the DHCP Releace.

    vy 73 de Carsten
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    This is the route I would take.
    Take a known good SD card (ideally a new fast one), re-download the file then extract and write the image to that tested SD card.

    See what happens then.
    Obviously do wait untill it has fully written to the onboard flash and powered off, remove the SD card, power the Kiwi up then wait for it to update to latest version (assuming it has an internet connection), as said before it can take a looong time (when you are keen to use the thing ;-) )

    At the moment we have
    1. SD card that may be OK (may not)
    2. Image or files on SD card that may be OK

    I'm no expert but a new one failing due to hardware/setup is less likely than failing from an interupted re-flash from the SD card.
    There is not normally any reason to have the card in the slot first boot and to be honest it adds variables that can confuse fault finding.

    I know a warning is the first Item on the Quickstart guide (http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/quickstart.pdf) but there may be something to be said for a having piece of tape covering the SD card slot on new devices marked "Boot without card!"


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  • all point checked

    Kiwi stopped working after getting a IP Adresse.
    Stop work mean power off by them self.

    vy 73 de Carsten
  • Try it without the Kiwi Cape, just the beaglebone on it's own.
    Are you saying all the LED's go completely off (Blue on BBG and two on network socket)?

    Is it in a metal case? What fixings are used?

    I think there are reset and power buttons on the BBG perhapse one is stuck.
  • Hy

    alone ?
    on what way the power goes in ?

    All buttons are free and yes Alucase
    All fixed like the discription
    One time Plastik screw und holder at the PCB and three time metall bold and metal screw inkl. star wascher

    vy 73 de Carsten
  • On the BBG alone, power is supplied through the micro USB connector (front left).

    You answered my query about metal fixings, appears the correct one is non conductive thanks.

    The manual can be found by searching for "Seeed-BBG_SRM_V3_20150804.pdf".

    Whe the BBG is powered and booted it should offer SSH (but not web).
  • Hy

    The Kiwi maual told me to buildt a 3,3V USB cable ... with only the BBG I have to use 5V ..:-) funny

    BBG alone is the same , after the ACK for the DHCP server that the device take that offered IP the power is shut down from alone

    No way for SSH or serial
    may be I see any thing at the serial debug - but didnt found any discription

    vy 73 de Carsten
  • Thanks all for replying me

    I dont know what the solution was... unplug the Network .... booting without Ethernet.

    I schange the config of the DHCP Server - that my local PC is the gateway and saw and DNS requests to debian
    After setting up the SDR in in network with rela Internet - the webinterface is online

    It would be a nice information ,that the device stop working if the gateway isnt avalible :-(

    vvy 73 de Carsten
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    Does it really say 3.3V lol - maybe ther is a later version, I did a very quick search, picked the first one.

    I think this probably needs John (A.K.A. JKS) to comment but some further fault finding before that..

    Check there is nothing like Aluminium swarf anywhere on the board.
    I'd remove the BBG from the case/fixings, place it on an insulated surface and watch the LED's closely, there is one between the RJ45 and USB sockets.

    If powered from a PC the standard BBG should (according to the manual 3.3.2) appear as a usb storage drive, I'm not sure if this is true with the Kiwi image but it might be worth looking to see if the device appears on the device manager (Windows) or Dmesg entry (Linux), before it powers down.

    I'll have a look when I get home, don't have one to hand.


    Just booted a BBG from a Micro USB connection to a laptop via a powered USB hub.
    The thing came up and I can SSH to the IP over USB address, SSH does take a while to log in, I think that is to do with looking up ( or rather failing to) the connecting IP address region or something.
  • OK sorry I didn't see your reply until I edited mine (not sure how this forum refreshes).

    I wasn't aware that it shuts down and I am little confused how the default DHCP gateway address could be wrong.
    I have set one Kiwi to a fixed IP address but can't exactly remember why, my BBG's seem to work fine on DHCP.

    Hope it wasn't my post that sent you down the Wireshark route, I do like seeing the packets but it can be distracting.

    Glad to hear it is OK.
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    Carsten and Stu: Sorry, I am extremely confused by your messages.

    You do understand that you do not insert the sd card into the Kiwi/Beagle for normal operation, correct? You only do so only when the flash filesystem on the Beagle board (eMMC) is damaged and needs to be re-flashed from the sd card. The Beagle is not like a Raspberry Pi which does require the sd card to inserted for normal operation.

    If you accidentally power up with the card inserted it is okay however. You will simply be rewriting the same software image that the factory placed on the Beagle at manufacture. But you must let this process run to completion -- for 4 or 5 minutes until the Beagle powers off. Then you remove the sd card and power up and everything should be working fine.

    If you get a power off without the sd card installed then there is a more serious problem, almost certainly a power supply problem. In no case will the Kiwi power off because of not finding an Ethernet gateway. That just can't happen.

    I don't know what you mean by "the Kiwi manual told me to build a 3.3V USB cable" (to power the Beagle when using the Beagle alone without the Kiwi installed). That's not what the Kiwi documentation says. You're confusing powering the Beagle (alone) over the micro USB port with 5V versus using a serial connection from a PC to talk to the Beagle USB-mini host port (not the USB-micro port) with a USB-to-serial cable. In this completely different. And in that case you must use a 3.3V version of the USB-to-serial port cable (see the Beagle manual for more information).
  • From my side I guessed that
    A. the thing had been initially incorrectly booted with the card in but perhapse not left long enough to write the image, then power cycled, maybe a few times.
    B. From the comment "Formated the SD card with last images again." I wasn't sure if the card was now 100%, so figured start from an assumed corrupt onboard image, unknown sd card contents and recover from fresh download image.
  • hy

    No I dont know it !

    But - I tested with and without SD Card.
    My fault.

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