KiwiSDRs ranked by SNR score [fixed]

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I am curious why my KiwiSDR "" doesn't show up on the "KiwiSDRs ranked by SNR score page" or the "" website.
My KiwiSDR has been online for about seven months now and it shows up on the listing page and the Receivers on a map.
Can anyone shed some light on this ?
Thank you in advance for your comments.
73, wo7i Tom


  • There's something strange going on with your registration on ( is fine as you point out). I'm checking..

    Many of the sites (like the SNR sites) use the data from to tell them which Kiwis to poll.
  • Okay, fixed. You're now listed on and other sites may take a little longer to begin recording your SNR performance.

    Thanks for pointing this out because it lead to a bug getting fixed.
  • jks,
    Thank you for the expedient fix !
    wo7i, Tom
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