Recording IQ data with >20kHz bandwidth from a single KiwiSDR

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It looks like I found a way to combine several IQ data streams from the same KiwiSDR recorded at different (by multiples of 12kHz or 20.25kHz) frequencies, so that the combined spectrum is continuous, see here. This uses GNURadio, so for everyone not familiar with GNURadio there is a learning curve.

There are obvious applications, i.e., monitoring of HF radars such as CODAR, and WBHF waveforms.


  • multiples of 12 KHz is really ok (multiples of 3KHz :) )
  • W-O-W..... very nice. Thanks so much for your continued efforts!
  • jksjks
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    Tremendously cool.

    Looks like:
    1) I need to learn GNURadio.
    2) I need to finally fix the CIC compensation problem (without destroying WSPR decoding this time, lol).
  • Thank you for your comments. I am just trying to push the limits of the amazing tool @jks has created.

    By the way there are some structures in the waterfall plots which look like they are artefacts (of course this can be a bug in my code):
  • Under some conditions you will note things that don't look quite right in the Kiwi waterfall DDC (different from the audio DDC channel(s) from which these waterfalls are constructed). It is quite possible there are long-standing subtle bugs in the FPGA code or elsewhere that remain to be understood and fixed.
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