SSB Click Carrier Frequency

I have searched around but I did not find this, hopefully this is not a pedantic request.

When on LSB/USB and you click the waterfall, the center of the passband becomes the point you clicked, not the carrier frequency. In Andr?s' openwebrx, the click sets the carrier frequency. Same in HD SDR. Perhaps this was done intentionally, as there is some precedent for "tuning" the center frequency, i.e., the center of the passband. In any case, is this able to be changed?

Thanks again for an awesome and fun product,
Nick W1NJC


  • jksjks
    edited December 2018
    Not able to be changed until "user preferences" is implemented (i.e. probably never). There is a very long thread discussing this issue someplace that goes back more than a year. I will not spend any time on the debate.
  • Thanks, John and understood.
    For reference, I did find some other discussions on the matter in case anyone else wants to read more:

    Note the SHIFT+left-click option...
  • Shift-left-click sets the carrier point in USB/LSB instead of passband-middle? I didn't even realize it did this. That's actually a bug because it's inconsistent with the "click point = passband center" standard for LSB/USB/CW. Or is it? Since most SSB'ers tend to set their dial frequency to a nice round number that's probably the way you want it to behave. I'd go look at the code but it takes 10 minutes to find anything anymore. It behaves "correctly" in CW mode.
  • Ha! Well maybe we've turned a bug into a feature!
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