v1.246: GNSS Kalman filter, LED brightness control

Once again my sincere thanks to Christoph for providing immeasurable benefit to this project with his efforts.
From the change log:
v1.246  December 6, 2018
    Added Christoph's GNSS Kalman filter. Spectacular improvement in position solutions.
        Accuracy is improved and outliers are removed (on the admin GPS tab the "solution"
        status indicator "S" will no longer flash red indicating a bad solution).
        Most importantly the filter allows solutions to be computed when there are fewer
        than 4 satellites being received (the usual requirement for an MLAT solution).
        This will significantly improve the amount of time a Kiwi is eligible for TDoA use.
        See Christoph's blog post for more details:
    Brightness control of the 4 blue status LEDs added (see new menu in admin config tab).


  • That made a big difference to the positional plots on the GPS map in the admin screen. It also stopped my height ASL jumping around and it's now very stable.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have made as much difference as i would have expected to the number of KiWi's available for TDoA use (at least on the TDoA map).

    Still very worthwhile doing though, so my thanks are due to Christoph and also an extra thanks to you John for allowing me to turn down the blue LED's - that will provide a useful 'perception' of savings to the electricity bill, as they no longer fully illuminate the shack at night and I don't get asked "how much is that costing to run" :-)


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Now that many more Kiwis are updated to V1.246 I do see quite a few more station that can be used for TDoA and some at good locations for multilateration.
    Locally I noticed much improved position accuracies and about 95 pct of time all tracked GPS sattelites shown as "good" for position estimates.

    So I am really impressed by the work and implementation of these extended Kalman filters by Christoph and John. Thank you both.

    73, Ben - SWLOI33
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