zoom function

I see zooming not possible on ch 2-6
How to get zooming back


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    Hi David,

    I assume you are referring to the KiWi SDR (your question has been posted in the LOGI General Discussion forum) ? [I moved it to the KiwiSDR discussion category -jks]

    The KiWi SDR can run in 4ch or 8ch mode.

    When used in 4ch mode you can zoom using any receiver.

    However when used in 8ch mode only the first two receivers have the 'normal' spectrum display, but the other six receivers use an audio derived FFT. So their operation is limited.

    It is a configuration choice for KiWi admins - allow more users with less functionality, or fewer users with more functionality.

    This information is copied from the KiWi admin page.

    "The original Kiwi FPGA with its 4 tuneable audio/waterfall receiver channels and 12 GPS channels was completely full. But it is now possible to load a different FPGA configuration where 2 of the waterfalls have been traded for adding more audio-only receiver channels.

    Having more receiver channels per Kiwi is especially important with the recently added features that are channel intensive. Namely the TDoA service, WSPR autorun and external connection via the kiwirecorder program for using other software such as WSJT-X and Dream (DRM).

    When these kinds of connections are made channels rx2 - rx7 will be used first leaving rx0 and rx1 available for normal browser connections where it is desirable to view the waterfall. However rx0 and rx1 will be used last if necessary. The configurable TDoA channel limit still applies.

    To compensate for lack of the waterfall/spectrum on the new channels an audio-bandwidth FFT is presented instead. This requires no additional FPGA resources."


    Martin - G8JNJ
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