Seeed Metal case and GPIO connector



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    >15 pin D-Sub connectors can be purchased as "filtered" versions, the capacitor built in is less than Martin added externally though

    Do you know what the value of capacitor is ? If they incorporate a Pi network of shunt capacitor series ferrite and shunt capacitor it may be OK.

    Any part numbers ?

    It would save a lot of hassle.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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    >From my experience, radiated noise is only a problem [<30 MHz], if the kiwi is located close to the antenna. At distance, conducted >interference (CM) prevails.



    Martin - G8JNJ
  • filtered D are cheap if just ferrite but get pricey when there's a network
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    Filtered - 15W RS 449-770 or 212-7848 (plug/socket etc.)
    To be honest I only know as when work clear stuff out to make space I can't bear to see some things trashed and I have some filtered 9-ways from that box.
    I think the C is between 330-1000pF.
  • G8JNJ said:

    "Here are some notes I copied from Keith Amstrong's very comprehensive notes on EMC compliance. They are free but you need to register your email address to be able to read them. They cover just about every aspect of EMC design, and you would have to complete a degree level training course, costing several thousands of pounds (or dollars) to have access to similar information.

    The 'Past Articles' section is probably the quickest read, but it's worth taking a good look around if you have the time. "

    On first try, attempt to register bombed due to no mailbox where registration information was to be sent; on second attempt, am told everything now at

    Darn - that looked to be a really good reference!

    73, KH6/VR2BG/p.
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