WSPR web interface not sending valid data to WSPRNET [false, it's working as intended]

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In a reproducible error, as a Part 15 experimenter on 22 & 44m, any time I have been decoded by selecting 20m or 40m on the decoder, then typing in the actual frequency, for example, 20m 13.555.300, I get decodes but it shows my spots being in the actual 20m band,
Same with 40m
Same with LF part 15 (160 to 190 khz)

And therefore the decodes are misrepresenting what is actually being received, subsequently uploaded to WSPRNET with erroneous information. An example is attached. image

Odd. Very odd.



  • the wspr extension follows the preassigned bands, you can't force it to a "non standard" freq. AFAIK
  • You can do this with an external decoder on a 2nd computer. An elegant solution would be Rob's scheme. You might also consider the use of WSPR-15
  • Thanks very much for the info. Great point about - I will give that a look-over. Thanks!
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