Development on a BBG

I'd like to get the grove stuff working on the BBG so I bought a spare BBG (without the kiwi cape). I tried to boot a kiwisdr image file and although it boot, I can't ssh in. Is there a way to do that, or exactly what debian jessie image should I burn on the SD?


  • Newer BBGs purchased independently of a Kiwi no doubt run a new Beagle Debian distro. I believe by default the root account now has a password. I don't know what it is (Google it).

    When you "tried to boot a kiwisdr image file" what do mean exactly? Did you re-flash the Beagle completely using the stock Kiwi Debian distribution from, say, the sd card supplied with the Kiwi? You didn't try and download / git clone just the Beagle_SDR_GPS repo on a newer Debian disto did you? Because that's a disaster waiting to happen and I will not provide any support whatsoever for a configuration I have not tested.
  • I d/l the image file from dropbox, the link in the kiwi docs
  • But then used that to write an sd card and then boot from the sd card to re-flash the Beagle?
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    correct, BTW I can't find any of my original kiwi SD card! Have some in work.
  • I don't know why you can't ssh in. Is it rejecting your empty root password? None of the Kiwi distros have root passwords. Can you connect to the admin interface of this Kiwi (after determining ip address). Is this Kiwi available over the net? Also, try ssh to the "debian" account, password "temppwd" (two 'p's) and see if you can "sudo su" from there with an empty root pwd.
  • whee! I just found one the kwisdr sd cards!
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    with that card, it sort of boots, then the row 4 LED just end of "scanning" back and forth

    BBG will boot with a newer debian image
  • Back-and-forth scanning means it's re-flashing the Beagle on-board eMMC. You have to wait several minutes for that to finish, all LEDs on, then power down of the Beagle. Then remove the sd and power up the Kiwi. It should immediately start a network update if connected to the Internet.
  • Thanks, will do tmrw
  • Got through that OK.... now working on python and grove installs
  • most of the grove stuff that is easy to get going on a BB is written for debian stretch whereas kiwi is at jessie, so have to sort that out
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