v1.239: shortcut keys 'x' & 'y' for UI visibility control

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Press 'x' to quickly toggle the visibility of all control panels.

Press 'y' to toggle the top bar and band/tag bars as follows: both visible, one visible, the other visible, none visible. The frequency scale remains always visible.

Mobile-device equivalents of this, and mobile improvements in general, are being thought about.


  • Excellent, will get lots of use here thanks.
  • Hi John,

    That's really useful and looks especially good when displayed full screen with the spectrum running too.

    Any chance of being able to drag the band / dx tag window / frequency scale 'divider' to change the ratio of Tag / waterfall / spectrum display height ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi John,

    Could you also make it remove the top extension pane e.g. the TDoA map so that it's possible to temporarily see more of the waterfall when an extension is running ? Or perhaps toggle the waterfall and TDoA map (or other extension windows) so that it's possible to flip views in order to see more detail on each pane rather than having a split view.

    Would it in someway be possible to toggle between extensions so that more than one could be used at at time without having to open more browser sessions ? For example the Antenna Switch and S-Meter


  • No time soon. I have to do something about mobile. It's intolerable. And Daniel has been rightfully taking me to task, viz:
    However, the current client has more obstacles to mobile friendliness than just the UI. For example, it sends nearly a megabyte of non-minified, non-gzipped JavaScript on page load, and the server even intentionally disables the cache for mobile clients.
  • Hi John,

    OK no problem, as you say there are other issues which should take priority.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • On the list of request for when you grow an extra brain and a second set of typing limbs....

    Would it be possible for the Y keyboard to have two phases when the Spectrum is enabled?
    Currently it needs two presses to remove the centre band/tag bar but I'd like that to be On, Compact, Off so the first press leaves just the band graphic visible.

    I know you are otherwise occupied so this is only for review if and when you are not.

  • GM John SUPER option tnx
  • Stu: Yes, definitely a corner-case bug there.
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