WSPR auto-run 80m frequency - is it correct ?

Hello, I've just been looking at some frequencies and they don't make sense to me.

Posted on the WSPR website was this:

Please note 80m frequency change to 3.5686 MHz (USB)

WSPR frequencies for all bands (DIAL-freq. and TX-freq.)

The KiwiSDR auto-run frequencies seem to be this:

160m = 1838.10 USB / WSPR site = 1836.60 / difference = 1.5 khz
80m = 3594.10 USB / WSPR site = 3568.60 / difference = 25.5 khz *** I think this might be wrong subject to the posts in the links above ***
40m = 7040.10 USB / WSPR site = 7038.60 / difference = 1.5 khz
30m = 10140.20 USB / WSPR site = 10138.70 / difference = 1.5 khz
20m = 14097.10 USB / WSPR site = 14095.60 / difference = 1.5 khz

I hope I got all the above right. Jamie - VK2YCJ


  • Hi Jamie,

    There are two WSPR frequencies in the KiWi drop down box for both 80m and 60m.

    This is because the frequencies have either been changed to better align with bandplan updates or in the case of 60m have remained on different frequencies because there isn't a universal frequency allocation for the band.

    There is also a problem with the 80m default frequencies in various versions of WSPR and WSJT-X which has further added to the confusion. As result I run both RX frequencies and find that in Europe I get about 30% more spots on the 'old' 80m frequency relative to the 'new' one.

    80m_JA = 3570.1 This is the 'new' 80m frequency as per the WSPR website

    80m = 3594.1 This is the 'old' 80m frequency (but is still being used by some)

    60m_EU = 5366.2

    60m = 5288.7


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hello Martin,

    Great answer, I'll change to the 80m_JA version tomorrow and later when we have 8 x WSPR auto-run sessions running with the RPi mods I'll try doing both like you. That's a great suggestion.

    Thanks, Jamie - VK2YCJ
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