KongSDR with no net connection after power outage [scan tool has been fixed]



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    Windows "Angry IP Scanner" (angryip.org/download/#windows the 32bit non-install one)
    Scan your network then from command prompt windows run "arp -a" and look for an entry starting

    98-5d-ad (I assume most will be Texas?)

    Or if you think it is really up add the port in Tools-Preferences
  • Thanks, did that. No cigar... Thanks for the tool though.
  • so, what do you think? Is it software fixable, or is it a kiwi board replacement? Or worse...?
  • It's not the Kiwi board. It's very rarely the Kiwi board. But BBGs fail with alarming regularity. Can you source a replacement without too much cost?
  • Mouser has cheap despatch and the price tag seemed reasonable - is this one ok? https://no.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Seeed-Studio/102010027?qs=Hlcjo/O3pQ5AxSET1oW%2b%2bg==
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    Yes, but a couple things about buying BBG/BBB from Mouser/DigiKey. Because of the encryption content of the TI chip used on the Beagle Mouser will require you to fill out some paperwork saying you are the end-user and/or agree not to divert the device. Or when you actually go to order it will say "not available in your country". This is of course insane given that you can buy them all day long from Seeed in China who will ship anywhere.

    Second, if your order total is >= US $50 Mouser and DigiKey will ship *free* using FedEx or UPS. I get stuff in 3-4 days this way (assuming below the duty threshold). So add a few things to your order to get over $50.
  • I ordered...two! No problems at checkout. I've bought a bit at Mouser and they are excellent to deal with.
  • Good. Every time I buy Beagles from them I get dinged with the paperwork. Must be in a database somewhere, lol.
  • Thank you guys for the engagement. Hopefully the conclusion is correct, and I can live happily ever after (and my visitors too).
  • Just started to set up the Kiwi after a new Beaglebone arrived today. The scan function is still painfullly slow (I think I mentioned to John earlier). I have now tested with three different PCs on two different networks, cabled and wifi. Roughly 20 seconds per IP address. Latest Chrome.
  • Okay, I see what the problem is. Give the scanner another try. You might have to "shift-reload" or restart your browser to get the new version.
  • Thanks John. Anyway, I found the device on the first IP address I tested, and all is well with the Kiwi. Will be deployed the coming weekend. Equilibrium has been restored ;)
  • Okay, good. But very sorry to hear of yet another Beagle failure as the underlying cause.
  • Agreed, and I probably did well in buying two Beagles. Scan is now fine.
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