FM (88-108) Interference

I just started experiencing some interference from Mix products from the FMBC TX just down down the street about 1/2 mile. I added a 25 MHz LPF on the input to the Kiwi but there's still the Loop Preamp that's vulnerable -or- it's a external mix (hope not!). I see energy with semi-coherent modulation at 8.810 MHz. The magnitude varies over the course of the day. Nothing has changed at my house but a nearby neighbor added a solar panel. I will switch to a 8 MHz dipole and see if it persists. Anyone have any thoughts?


  • Have you done comparative plots with something like RTL scanner to see if there are nice new spikes about? (HF-VHF span) Anyone got corroded metal guttering or corrosion on antenna fittings?
    Stuck any ferrite on "should be safe" leads (like PSU or Ethernet)?
    I threw loads of ferrite about at one stage and was surprised where the affect could be seen, the Kiwi waterfall is great for subtle feedback, better than band swapping on other HF radios with different gain between band filters.
    How is the Kiwi networked, if to a wifi adapter have you tried externally shielding part of the cable and grounding? (helped here).
  • no changes whatsoever within my four walls, and the problem is essentially gone today. With 8 TV and 5 FM stations about 1/2 miles away, "things can happen"
  • turns out a local TV station had their TX go spurious then dead
  • Ha wasn't expecting that! at least the cause was found to be external and actually fixed.
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