I can't make antenna switching work [fixed with ant_switch extension reinstall]

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Hi everyone,

I installed and re-installed the antenna switch extension today. The process said it completed OK and I selected the beagle option. The buttons do not go green when the extension is running, and I see no change in the state of GPIO pin 45 on P8 pin 11.

Is there something else I need to do?
I'm adding a custom switch board to the KiwiSDR setup here as a remote switch, and make swapping antennas easy with an HF transceiver.

73s, Rob


  • Hi Rob,

    Maybe a couple of silly questions.

    Have you setup the options on the Antenna switch extension page in the admin menu ?

    e.g. Deny antenna switching? set to NO

    Have you changed the antenna names from undefined or blank to an actual antenna name


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • There were a bunch of commits recently to the antenna switch repo (https://github.com/OH1KK/KiwiSDR-antenna-switch-extension/commits/master). I have not had time to test them myself. You might open an issue there and ask Kari if he's tested on a recent Kiwi release.
  • Hi Gents,

    Deny antenna switching is set to 'NO' and the other 2 deny options to YES. I restarted the whole system by power cycling but no difference.

    Your switching works Martin and you are at V213, seems unlikely V214 broke it.
    I will try uninstall on the extension and re-install later today.

  • Hi Rob,

    I think I'm using an older version of the switching extension.

    I hadn't realised that Kari had issued some very recent updates, so that may well be the problem.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Did a remove and re-install.

    Now it works! No idea why it didn't before, I put in "beagle-gpio" during the install. For the record the KiwiSDR version is V214.

    As promised J8 pin 11 now changes state to 2.5V. My switching hardware is not quite ready yet, by tomorrow hopefully...

    73s, Rob.
  • jksjks
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    There is a new version of the antenna switch extension that fixes a bug introduced when the Kiwi began supporting different channel configurations (i.e. 8-channel mode, 3-channel 20 kHz mode). The symptom is that opening the extension while connected as the third channel or greater does not show the antenna selection status correctly. And it may or may not allow antenna selection.

    Some other minor problems were fixed. Excessive log messages about antenna status were removed. With some browsers when 8 antennas were defined (hence 8 antenna selection button on control panel) the 8th button was drawn outside the bottom of the panel.
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