v1.212 is out [8 channel mode]


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    A few notes:
    • It seems to work, but this is a big change. So it is likely there will be some problems. Consider it a beta test.
    • The first time you switch to the 8 channel configuration the TDoA channel limit will still be set at 4 (or less). So re-adjust it accordingly.
    • Having eight simultaneous connections has been tested and seems to work fine. This includes connections via the external kiwirecorder software.
    • It is not clear how well running 8 WSPR extension sessions would fare. There would likely be a serious shortage of Beagle CPU cycles causing the decoding process to run out of time on busy bands. Rob, AI6VN, has already demonstrated a superior solution using a script to connect multiple Kiwi channels via kiwirecorder to separate instances of WSPR-X running on better hardware. The RX8WF2 configuration was developed primarily to make the Kiwi more efficient for Rob's WSPR projects as well as helping to increase the pool of TDoA channels.
    • Speaking of TDoA, we'll probably have to get buy-in from individual Kiwi owner/admins to have them change from RX4WF4 to RX8WF2 mode. Not everyone will want to do this and it probably makes sense to have a mix of configurations available publicly.
    • The audio FFT replacing the waterfall/spectrum will be similar to the existing "audio integration" extension. Essentially a 1024-point FFT on the fixed 12 kHz audio passband.
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    Excellent options, have switched to 6 TDoA channels to test (M0AQY).

    I assume the two waterfall receivers are on a first come first served basis, we can't surrender the waterfall once connected or have the option to connect to one of two types of connection.
    I'm just thinking if I wanted to use a non waterfall channel myself leaving the waterfall for public use is that possible?
  • Very useful. One of my Kiwis (G0EZY-1) is now set to RX8WF2 mode with TDoA=6 and available for testing.
  • I could add a URL option that implements your second idea. Giving you one of the channels normally handed out to a non-Kiwi UI connection.
  • Hi John,

    How feasible would it be to 'multiplex' the channel(s) used to generate the waterfall ?

    My thinking is that maybe you could 'snapshot' a waterfall for each receiver channel and then periodically update the 'snapshot' per receiver like a gif animation. If two waterfall channels were used to do this it may be able to provide a near real time display.

    I don't know how quickly this could be performed but I think it should be possible at a reasonable rate, and would provide some indication of spectrum activity.

    One other idea is that when a user has stayed on one frequency for longer than say 1 minute. The zoom should be set to WF 11 or 12 and the audio FFT waterfall be presented instead of the normal one.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I have my #2 non-public kiwi running 8 channels of kiwirecord to Rob's external wspr scheme
  • I get some TDoA users, but not enough to demand something like this. In the evenings I get many casual shortwave listeners, so losing the two waterfalls isn't so great. I did learn this weekend that my antenna is pretty good for 20 meter WSPR and I'd like to do more of that. I'll wait to get a 2nd Kiwi and set it up new configuration up on it.
  • I'm now finding that when a user doesn't get a waterfall, they open more concurrent sessions hoping to find one :-(


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Went to try the non waterfall experience on your SDR and got a waterfall, "when you want something you can't have it"....
    So I wonder is there a way of running a second BeagleBone off one set of RX hardware? Sharing the IQ data and GPS etc.
  • A drawback with RX8WF2: you're no longer guaranteed to get a waterfall just to have a quick look if you're receiving a signal somewhere.
  • I have 2 kiwis one public, which I left in "classic" and one non-public which I run Rob's wspr scheme on all eight channels. I'm happy and surely public is
  • Obligatory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_good_deed_goes_unpunished

    Today's v1.213 update has a "no_wf" URL param, e.g. "my_kiwi:8073/?ext=wspr,40m&mute&no_wf". On an empty RX8WF2 mode Kiwi this would give you rx2 instead of rx0.

    I'm now finding that when a user doesn't get a waterfall, they open more concurrent sessions hoping to find one :-(
    This might be improved somewhat once the audio FFT for channels rx2-rx7 is working.

    So I wonder is there a way of running a second BeagleBone off one set of RX hardware? Sharing the IQ data and GPS etc.
  • John,

    Can I use a "no_wf" URL parameter without any other parameters to bring up a non-waterfall RX channel ?

    I've tried various syntaxes, but so far I have not been able to find one that works.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Works for me, just append it to the URL taken from the green arrow E.G.

  • @ Powernumpty

    Thanks for that - I was sure I tried that string initially and it didn't work for me.

    But this time it did :-)

    I think I must have accidentally included a space character somewhere.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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