Might have found it

Having suffered bad interference for a long time I have been forced to gather clues, furtively glancing at house lights in the winter when the noise comes on, or stays off for a day..
After a lot of work I narrowed it down to a neighbour, eventually asking them to turn some items off, it seemed to go quiet when his PC was off.
I made the assumption that it was something other than the PC itself as type approvals, sealed cases etc.
Oh how wrong.

To save you the minute detail I went through here is my current suspect in the worst QRM category.
A corsair AX1200i power supply in a neighbours gaming PC (third case it has been in). They are known for "Noisy windings" so I guess this one has shaken the solder on the coils to a fracture point, which wouldn't in itself turn it into an excellent broadband transmitter but it has probably 40 meters of DC cable hanging off it, inside a case with a big window.


  • oh swell, the 1200i uses a DSP for full digital control of a PS. You're lucky to have a cooperative neighbor!
  • If it were not for his YouTube channel I would still be guessing, I'm still not 100% but the evidence is building up. I went through some some of his older videos, found one with the build of this box, read up on Corsairs and then saw the cable length. All conjecture but I figured I'd get some decent clues on here.... DSP you say, interesting thanks.
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