v1.190: keyboard shortcuts, IQ display mPSK, FAX alignment, DX label features

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Lots of changes.

Keyboard shortcuts is a work-in-progress. Press "h" or "?" on your keyboard. Feedback requested, especially from our visually impaired users.

The mPSK stuff needs a separate discussion. Try QPSK mode with VLF MSK or LF DGPS signals and 8PSK mode with strong, non-fading STANAG 4285 signals on HF.

FAX: the entire image will now align on shift-click including the part of the image already received. On mobile devices a touch on the image will cause an align.

More info: https://github.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS/blob/master/CHANGE_LOG



  • Thanks John, the Help key is a great idea !

    Now that I have 2 SDRs, how do I copy the dx.json file from the old one to the new SDR, so that my entries are updated?

    Is is possible to do a symbolic link between the 2 beaglebones?


  • jksjks
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    On first kiwi:
    scp dx.json root@my_second_kiwi_domain_name_or_ip_address:~/kiwi.config

  • The keyboard shortcuts are a superset of those used with WebSDR. In several cases the control (ctrl) and/or alternate (alt) keys modify a key, or a shifted key, to get modified functions. Like a greater frequency step, man/min zoom or larger WF min step. Be careful with Windows. Ctrl-w and Ctrl-W will close the current window. Use alt-w and alt-W instead.

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get a key press to open the drop-down menus and also the tab key to jump between input fields so you could operate the extensions without a mouse.

  • Hi  John,

    i am adding a new entry in the DX edit panel, while the next new adding the Kiwi reboots.

    DX edit panel:
    First entry = OK
    Second entry = reboot

    I had this testing on two Kiwis.

    cu Dirk

  • v1.191 fixes this problem. Reboot to get the update right away.

  • Thank you, is solved. 
  • I'm afraid that the current way the keyboard shortcuts work block a number of common browser shortcuts. For example Ctrl+T/W to open and close tabs, Ctrl+C/V to copy/paste, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+M to mute the browser tab (which creates unfunny interactions with the intended mute feature), etc... I do use some of these a lot to navigate between KiwiSDR tabs so that's got quite annoying. Please be more conservative in what key combinations are intercepted :)
  • jksjks
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    What browser/OS? My experience was that the DOM events wouldn't override any global actions the browser was taking.
  • Linux, at least Chrome and Firefox seem affected although the extent seems to vary.
  • Reboot to get v1.193. Should be fixed, although I think it's going to take a while to get this right on all platform/browser combinations.
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