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Problem with reCaptcha on the forum? [now fixed; also IQ display extension improvements]

edited May 2018 in KiwiSDR Discussion
I just received email from Clint KA7OEi who would like to join the form but has been unable to do so because the reCaptcha doesn't work for him.  Can anyone offer insight as to this problem and how to get around it.  He inndicates that the "Contact Us" link has the same issue.

Personally I signed up from a Chrome browser and had no problem.
He would like to discuss the  issue that the "I/Q Display"
extension was recently broken - all amplitude information is confined to
just one axis.

Hopefully he can get some help in joining and discuss this further with those that are also interested.

Glenn n6gn


  • Try a different browser I guess. I don't control the server hosting the forum so there isn't much I can do (easily) on this end.

    I guess some IQ extension changes leaked into the recent update. Christoph and I are actively working on it. We now have a PLL working so there is carrier recovery for mPSK modes. E.g. QPSK for the MSK and DGPS signals at VLF/LF, 8PSK for STANAG 4285 on HF and BPSK. Update coming soon. You can try it now on the UVic Vancouver and SK3W Kiwis. I've wanted to have something like this for years..


  • jksjks
    edited May 2018
    Looked into this issue some more. The reason reCaptcha is broken for new forum registrations is that the Vanilla forum software we run is very old (v2.1.5) and the reCaptcha it uses internally uses the v1 protocol which is no longer supported. I have contacted the guy who runs the server the forum uses to see about getting the software updated. This may take a little time.

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