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Software control of fan in enclosure?

Is there any software mechanism to turn off the fan in the enclosure? I’d like to be able to turn it off when cooling is unnecessary (like right now when it’s 5 °C) because the noise is bothersome and I presume its bearings will gradually wear out. But opening up the box and unplugging the cable is kind of a chore.

Lacking a software mechanism, is there any kind of hardware switch I could install to turn the fan off without opening the enclosure? I could wire one up, but if there’s a switch with the right connector that I could stick in before the fan that would be more tidy.


  • No software mechanism. The 3.3V on the Grove connector of the BBG the fan plugs into is a fixed voltage.

    You could buy one of the short Grove cables from Seeed. Connect to the BBG and run the other end out the slot where the antenna connectors are. Disconnect the fan from the BBG and run the cable out the slot also. Cut the two Grove connectors off the cables and wire up appropriately to a little switch.

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